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I am a university trained vocalist based in Abbotsford, BC, who loves singing jazz, folk and contemporary music. Singing is my passion and as a performer and vocal instructor, I have the opportunity to share that with others every single day. 
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Voice Lessons

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Homeschool Teaching

Voice lessons for all ages and levels. Learn proper voice technique, warm-ups, music theory, and how to use your voice to its fullest potential. 
Theory lessons for all ages and levels. Learn the theory behind the music that you love. You will enrich your appreciation of music and ultimately become a better musician. 
Music is an essential part of an education. Make music lessons a part of your child's homeschool experience. 
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"Thanks Robyn McAlister for another amazing evening of jazz. The chocolate fondue somehow tasted better and your amazing music gave the whole stand up reception such a distinct and sophisticated feel. Our conference attendees loved it."
Ben Johnson 
"Robyn is an excellent vocal teacher who takes her job seriously with a smile on her face! My daughter, Cierra, was 6 when she first started with Robyn, and loved every minute she spent learning how to sing properly. I loved that while it was fun for her, she was learning music theory right alongside it!  
This was definitely a great way for her to begin music!"
Nicole Preston
"Robyn has brought out a new level of confidence in Kadyn and has allowed her to learn in such a fun and friendly environment. She's learned vocal techniques, skills and gained a greater appreciation for music in general. We highly recommend Robyn, a well accomplished vocalist who truly loves what she does!"
Michele Yackel